Adding Some Magic to Christmas With One Simple Craft for Kids

I’ve always believed that it’s the simple things in life that can bring us great joy; little moments that may seem ordinary but make an extraordinary impression on us. This is a life lesson I want to teach my kids. I want them to learn to appreciate the little details that make each moment special. From day-to-day life to special occasions, we don’t always need grand gestures to make life grand.

I want to apply the same idea to celebrate Christmas with my kids. I don’t believe they need big, fancy gifts to make the holidays memorable. There are many ways we can make celebrating the holidays magical for our kids – from letters to Santa, decorating the tree, spending time with loved ones, singing Christmas songs or reading holiday stories.

One way we decided to add to the magic of Christmas this year was by putting up two trees – our regular tree that we fill with lights, tinsel and many, many ornaments (we like a nice, full colourful tree!) and a felt tree with ornaments and presents for the kids to play and decorate as much as they like!

My husband and I came across this cute craft online and thought it would be a fun thing to do for the kids. I will have to give my husband all the credit from this point because he was the one who bought the felt and items needed to make the tree, got the templates, cut and glued everything. I wanted to help but this was all being done during a week I was very busy at work. Needless to say, my husband did an amazing job as the felt tree and ornaments for the kids turned out great!

We had a fun time as a family decorating our regular tree while listening to holiday music and then brought out the felt tree for the kids. They loved it! They really enjoyed decorating it in different ways and kept calling us over to show us. I really think my son and daughter will enjoy this for years to come!

If you are a parent of a toddler this craft is a great idea! We all know how attracted little ones can be to ornaments on the tree, wanting to touch and play with them. This felt Christmas tree will hopefully distract them from doing that since it gives them the freedom to enjoy tree decorating over and over again!

And what’s more magical than decorating for the holidays?


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