Book Review: Beautifully Different

In this second book of the Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures series, Beautifully Different takes readers on a journey with a little boy named Yousuf. It all begins with one simple question he asks his father: why can’t we all be the same? Yousuf’s dad helps answer this question by encouraging his son to use his imagination and uses storytelling to show Yousuf why being different is a good thing. I really enjoyed the fact that the author, Dana Salim, wrote this tale with the encouragement for kids to use their creative minds. The imagination can be a very powerful learning tool!
The bright and colourful illustrations by Pavel Goldaev really helps bring this story to life. In his quest to find out what makes being different so special, Yousuf goes on an adventure that includes riding along in a blanket carried by two big birds. The boy soars through the air before coming to a field of different coloured flowers.
From there Dana Salim poetically ties this story together to teach children that while we all may be different and beautiful as individuals, when we come together with peace and kindness the world is a much better place. This simple, yet valuable message was wonderfully demonstrated in this book in a way young readers can easily understand.
*Note: this book was provided by the author. All opinions are my own.
Beautifully Different can be purchased on Amazon.
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