Book Review: Inside This Book (Are Three Books)

I recently went book shopping for myself. It was great! I hadn’t picked up a new novel in a really long time. But of course, I couldn’t resist strolling into the children’s section and peruse the shelves for a new book for my son and daughter. And I’m glad I did because I came across this great book by Barney Saltzberg called Inside This Book (are three books).

My favourite part of the book is how the mother gives the three kids blank pages for them to create their own stories, and each kid’s unique creative side shines through. I think the idea of doing this is a wonderful way to unleash your child’s inner storyteller and foster their creativity!

We learn that Seymour, the oldest sibling, likes to write about what he thinks and feels and has a funny side. Fiona, the middle child, loves to rhyme! And Wilbur, the youngest, loves dinosaurs and his family. They combine each of their creations to make one book “because books are better when they are shared.” I couldn’t agree more.

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