Celebrating Motherhood: Meet Grace

Meet Grace. She is the owner of The Baby Spot, a global parenting magazine. She is the mother to a lovely little girl, an author, writer, philanthropist and public speaker. She is passionate about telling other people’s stories, and through The Baby Spot has given parent bloggers world wide a place where they can share their tales of parenting, provide tips and advice or share trials and triumphs. Not only has Grace been kind enough to include Mama @ Heart as part of The Baby Spot community, she has also become a mentor to me, patiently answering many questions I’ve thrown her way and taking time out of her busy schedule to teach this inquisitive mind about the world of blogging! I am so grateful for all of your support Grace, and for the friendship that has formed along the way!

I asked Grace to share her thoughts on motherhood and this is what she had to say:
How has motherhood changed you?
Motherhood has humbled me to the ground. My child’s love is a blessing to me. I am so thankful to be able to protect, nurture and watch this little person grow so quickly into the adult that my little one is meant to be. I never knew I could sleep so little, love so much and just be in awe of another person.
Motherhood has also taught me to see those in my circles and community in a different way. How can we be the best version of ourselves to help ourselves, our families, our communities and our world? Motherhood challenges me to be the best version of myself and to devote myself to help others.
What do you love most about being a mother?
I love being so thankful for the laughter, joy, tears and learning experiences. I love the mischief, joy and curiosity a child has. I bask in it.
What do you find most challenging about motherhood?
The challenge for me is balance. I have to balance my family, my home and my business. I miss sleep. I wish I could sleep longer. I am sure most parents will agree with me that even if we get a rare opportunity to get a good night’s sleep, our routine has us so set that you end up waking up early anyways.

Grace shares some words of wisdom and advice:
My piece of advice would be to parent in your own unique way. There is not one path to being an excellent parent. Trust yourself as a parent.
My second piece of advice would be when you think you should be a part of a moment, dive in without hesitation.
If you see your children playing and you want to join in, do so.
If you see your family laughing at a joke, laugh with them.
Put down your phone.
Don’t worry about that last email
Don’t worry about that perfect picture to capture the moment, BE present IN the moment.
Lastly, remember not to deny your own hobbies or interests. I believe that if you stop doing something you love, you’re denying your child the right to know their parent and evidentially, know a piece of themselves. If you like to travel and you can afford to travel as a family, do it. If you love to paint or run or play sports, do that with your children. Incorporate them into what you love and allow them to incorporate you in the hobbies and interests that they love.
If you have these things in your life, then you are truly wealthy.

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