Game Review: Catch and Learn

I love playing games with my kids! While we have enjoyed some of the classics, like Monopoly, Trouble and Uno, it has also been fun to explore some new games on the market. Recently, we received a great new game from PlaSmart Toys called Catch and Learn.

Customize the game to practice math skills.
Although it is suggested for ages four years old and up, I thought this game was suitable for my three-year-old daughter, as long as I kept the concept of the game simple. My favourite aspect of Catch and Learn is that it is customizable! The game comes with 10 magnetic fish cards, a dry erase marker and a retractable magnetic fishing tool. You can use the marker to create different games for math, spelling or matching, to name a few. The possibilities are endless! My kids really liked the fact that they could make the game their own, and I love that this game can grow with them. As they get older we can choose more difficult challenges. My kids even enjoyed just simply using it as a fishing game by spreading the fish around the floor and using the fishing tool to pick them up.

Customize the game to match words and shapes.
This game is great for working on hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, memory, practicing addition, subtraction and multiplication, spelling, grammar and sight words. Parents will love what a great educational tool that Catch and Learn can be, but most importantly it makes learning fun!

*Note: This product was provided by PlaSmart Toys. All opinions are my own, based on personal experience with my family.
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