Get Comfy With CozyPhones!

As parents of two young kids, there are many things we have to pack when going on a weekend road trip. You’d be surprised to see what fills our trunk just to be away for one night!
In my opinion, the most important items to bring are the ones needed just for the car ride. Having things to keep the kids occupied during a long drive can set the tone for the remainder of your outing. Will you arrive at your destination frazzled and annoyed because you listened to children whining about being bored and constantly asking “are we there yet?” Or will you arrive feeling relaxed because you had a pleasant car ride with children who were oblivious to the length of the drive because they were happily occupied? I’d prefer the latter.
We recently set out to spend the weekend at my aunt’s house out of town. Not long after we started our journey my son and daughter were already asking how long it would take to get there and expressing how bored they were. My daughter quickly asked if she could watch something on the tablet but my son wanted to listen to music. We could handle listening to my son’s playlist that has a mixture of Team T&J, Disney songs, Splash ‘N Boots, Hedley, Metric, Imagine Dragons and Ed Sheeran (hey, what can I say? The kid’s got an eclectic taste in music for an almost-six-year-old!) But having to hear my daughter watch another episode of Masha’s Spooky Stories was something we didn’t really want to do on this car ride. Not wanting to have to listen to the competing sounds, and to save our sanity, my husband and I grabbed the CozyPhones and passed them to our daughter to plug into the tablet.

What is CozyPhones, you ask? Well, they are adorable children’s headphones. They are worn like a headband, are made of soft fleece and have just enough stretch to them to fit comfortably on your child’s head. They also come in many cute different animal designs and colours!
My first impression when I saw them was that I thought the quality of the product was very good. The cord is strong and durable, plus the headband itself is made with a double layer of fleece and the speakers are inside. The speakers can be removed and the headband is machine washable (but be sure to dry flat!) One thing to be aware of is the speakers inside the headband can move around so you may need to re-adjust them to have them set over your child’s ears properly.
I was pleased to find out that there is a volume limit on them as I wouldn’t want my son or daughter listening to anything too loud and harm their ears.
All in all my kids have enjoyed using this product and are regularly using CozyPhones at home or on-the-go. As for me, I’m happy to not be listening to Paw Patrol on the TV and Disney music on the tablet at the same time!
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*Note: This product was provided by CozyPhones. All opinions are my own.

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