How Rocks in a Garden Ended an Annoying Habit



Parents, do your kids collect anything? For this mama, my son and daughter love collecting rocks. Everywhere they go they like to pick up rocks and bring them home. They even have them stored in old jars in their room. If that’s where it ended I would have no problem with it.

You see, my children enjoy collecting rocks so much that they got into the habit of picking up everything from small pebbles to large stones, sometimes it wasn’t even rocks but rather pieces of chipped cement. I was finding them in all the rooms of the house, in their school backpacks and the pockets of their clothes. For this mom, what started off as a cute childhood tradition (I mean, every kid collects something, am I right?), very quickly turned into a nuisance.

After repeatedly asking my kids to tone it down with how many rocks they were bringing home, I thought this fascination with pebbles and stones was starting to fade. I could not have been more wrong.

Recently, my son went on an excursion with his summer camp and when I picked him up at the end of the day he proudly held up a bag full of rocks he’d collected that afternoon. I mean, the kid was struggling to pick this thing up, that’s how many rocks were inside! Much to my dismay, the bag came home. What could I do? He was so excited about all the pretty rocks he found and had even selected some for his sister.

Since I couldn’t stand the thought of finding rocks all over the house again, an idea came to me on the drive home that day. What if there was a way the kids could keep these rocks but they would never even enter the front door? The idea was so simple and so brilliant that I was surprised I hadn’t thought of it before: a rock garden!


As soon as I made the suggestion, my son smiled and nodded in agreement that it was a great idea and was excited to tell his sister all about how they were going to create a beautiful rock garden in front of our home. The following weekend, my son and daughter, with the help of my parents (they offered to help and I happily obliged, because I’m not much of a gardener), found a nice spot in our front garden to put the rocks. I even made the suggestion to decoratively hand-paint some of them but they opted instead to add a colourful flair with sidewalk chalk, which of course came off later that day when it rained. All-in-all everyone is pleased with the outcome. My kids got to keep their rock collection and I’m not finding pebbles and stones all over my house. I’d say that’s a parenting win.

Do your kids have any quirky collections? Share in the comments 🙂

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