How to Teach Kids About Money With the Help of a Little Bunny

Parents, how do you teach your kids about money? How do you explain to young children that in life if there is something you really want, you must work hard and earn it? This is a valuable lesson I have been wanting to give to my son and daughter, so recently I have been trying to find ways to do so.
One day, just weeks after Christmas, my daughter saw this cute little doll and asked if she could have it. Since the holidays and her birthday had been so recent, meaning she had a whole new lot of toys to play with, I hesitated to say yes. When I jokingly asked her if she was going to use her own money to buy it she promptly said: “yes Mommy, I can use the money in my piggy bank.” And that’s when I had a thought — what if I let her? She may only be in kindergarten, but is it ever too early to teach kids about the value of money and how to be responsible with it? I decided to chat with my husband about the idea.


Shortly after this experience, I came across a great book called Earn It! A Moneybunny Book. In this tale by Cinders McLeod, we meet a cute little rabbit named Bun who dreams of becoming a rich and famous singer. Throughout the story, Bun’s mom explains to her that by practicing her talent, working hard and saving money, Bun can make it possible to achieve her dream.
Much like Bun, my daughter had a goal. In her case, it was the opportunity to buy a doll using her own money, so my husband and I decided that we’d let her use it. Sure, most of the money in her piggy bank was given as a gift but there were coins in there that my daughter had earned. This experience was a good chance to let my little girl choose what to do with her money.
My first step in teaching her about financial responsibility was explaining to my daughter that she had to value this item that she’s purchased, otherwise it would be like wasting her money. This lesson has not been lost on her, as she has not only taken good care of her new doll but also proudly tells everyone how she bought it on her own. My daughter certainly has taken pride in acquiring this doll, similarly to how Bun is proud of working hard to achieve her dream.
What I liked most about Earn It! is the fact that it also cleverly points out to young readers that the most rewarding part of accomplishing your goals is earning it. And for parents looking for a fun, yet easy, way to explain the benefits of earning and saving money to children, this book has got you covered. My son and daughter were both drawn to this adorable bunny, and by using carrots and simple math, this book provides a teaching point that is easy to grasp and memorable, thanks to the whimsical illustrations.
*Note: This book was provided by the author. All opinions are my own.
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