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A subscription to this Kidlo Math Games app was gifted to me for an honest review of the product. All opinions are my own.



I don’t know about you, but math was not my strong subject growing up. I remember often finding it boring and at times difficult to understand. Flash forward to today, with me as a mom who has two children in school — one in kindergarten and the other starting grade two in the fall. Times have certainly changed since I was their age. Technology plays a large part in their education, which is why I’m happy to discover learning apps for them to use at home. These apps can be used as an extension of the curriculum they’re getting at school and provides a fun way to learn. Not to mention the fact that it helps this mama assist her kids with learning a subject she’s never been extremely good at.

I had a chance to try out the Kidlo Math Games app with my daughter and it was the perfect timing to do so. She’s just completed her junior kindergarten year and has already started to learn some basic math skills, including counting, sorting, patterns, shapes, and comparison. Using this app at home with her gave me a chance to get her to continue practicing her lessons from school, and now that she’s off for summer break, playing the games on this app allows her to keep up and remember what she’s learned so she can feel ready to pick up where she left off when she starts senior kindergarten in September.

Preschool Games

The Kidlo Math Games app offers games at two levels: preschool and kindergarten. When I introduced the games to my daughter she started by exploring the preschool section, but quickly pointed out to me that it was too easy. “I’m a big girl in kindergarten now, Mommy. I want to please these ones,” she proclaimed, pointing to the other section of the app.










We did, however, take some time exploring the preschool section and I can honestly say that it is a great introduction to math for toddlers and preschoolers. For any parents that might have a child starting school in the near future, this app would be a nice way to get your little one well on their way to feeling prepared to learn math. The preschool section offers games for counting up to 10, learning shapes, sorting, categorizing and comparing, as well as number sense.


My daughter took an immediate liking to the kindergarten-level games. The first time she sat down with it she explored the app for a long time, clicking through the different puzzles, games, and songs. There is a wonderful variety to choose from and my little girl would have stayed happily entertained for as long as I let her. In the beginning, she needed a bit of guidance from me to figure out how some things work, but otherwise, she was capable of playing on her own.

The categories of kindergarten games to choose from are the same as the preschool ones, just more advanced. Counting games can go up to 100, puzzles and games are a bit more challenging and 3D shapes are introduced.










In both sections, the games are easy to follow, the graphics are brightly coloured with cute characters and lively music. I especially love how if a child makes a mistake it encourages them to try again, and when they solve puzzles correctly the screen flashes to confetti and a chorus of “Yay!” (My daughter loved that!)

Overall, this mom is impressed with the Kidlo Math Games app. And when my daughter asks for the tablet to play with this app I don’t mind her having some extra screen time because at least she’s learning and having fun.


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A subscription to this Kidlo Math Games app was gifted to me for an honest review of the product. All opinions are my own.

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