Mama Musings: A Special Father’s Day Message

It’s Father’s Day this weekend and I want to take a moment to celebrate someone who is a wonderful Daddy! My better half and my partner in parenting — my husband Paul.
I’m sure that I don’t tell you often enough what I great father I think you are. You are so sweet and loving with our son and daughter, and it’s quite evident that you would do anything to make them happy. You are silly and playful with them, and I know you do it just to see their cute smiles and hear their infectious laughter, and who could blame you?! They’re pretty adorable, aren’t they? Even when they are driving us mad you can find the humour and cuteness of the situation. You are incredibly patient with them. Perhaps not all the time, but neither am I, and what’s great is that we tend to balance each other in those frustrating moments. You are so proud of them and always strive to acknowledge their accomplishments, big and small, which I know makes them feel so special. They are so happy to get their Daddy’s attention and it is plain to see how much our children adore you.
With my personal struggles in recent months I honestly could not have done this parenting journey without you by my side. You have been so supportive and have stepped up more when I have needed to take time for myself. Parenting through depression hasn’t just been difficult for me, but you as well, yet you have been so understanding and have reassured me many times when I have felt like a terrible mother. You see, being a great Dad to our son and daughter is not just about how amazing you are with them, it’s also about how loving you are with me. For that, and everything you do for our family, I am truly grateful.
Happy Father’s Day!

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