One Piece of Parenting Advice I Will Always Give

As someone who’s been a mom for over seven years, I’m at that parenthood stage where I’ve gained some useful wisdom, but am fully aware that I still have much to learn. Let’s face it, when it comes to parenting, we never stop learning. There’s always something fresh and new that comes up, leaving us scratching our heads and scrambling to figure out just how to handle the situation.

Every so often I encounter people who are in the earlier stages of parenthood and the number one question I always seem to get is “does it get any easier?” My blunt answer is usually “No. Every stage of childhood brings on new challenges.”

This is not to say that parenting is always difficult. There are aspects that get easier over time, but as your child grows and changes so does your role as a parent. Until our children reach adulthood, we are constantly facing new stages of parenting that will bring forth new challenges and learning experiences.




So whether I’m being asked the general question about if parenting gets easier, or something more specific, such as my methods for handling temper tantrums, my honest answer, and the one piece of parenting advice I will always give, is this: trust your instinct.

Here’s the thing. Every child is different. Every mother and father are different. What works for me may not work for you, and that’s okay. For any new parent out there that might be reading this let me warn you that you will be offered plenty of advice, sometimes unwanted. But when it comes right down to it, only you know your child best. Only you know your parenting methods and what you feel comfortable doing, so if your gut is telling you to handle a situation in a specific way, trust your instinct. Most of the time, you’re likely to be right and accept the fact that sometimes you might just be wrong. And that’s okay too because there’s a lot of learning in parenting.

It’s normal to experience self-doubt as a mom or dad and feel completely lost on your parenting journey. Read books or blogs about parenthood, talk to family, friends and other parents if you’d like, but always remember your instincts. There’s a reason why we’re often told to trust them.

What’s one piece of parenting advice that you firmly believe in? Share in the comments.

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