Sometimes You Just Have to Play

I had a tough decision to make today; be a responsible adult and tackle the ever-growing to-do list I have and find a way to keep my kids occupied while doing said chores on my list, or drop everything, get outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the whole family goes to the park to play. Tough choice, huh?
You see, here’s the way I look at it. There is always going to be items on my to-do list. This is something that is just never going to change. It’s a reality as an adult and especially as a parent. The house will always need cleaning, there is always going to be laundry to do and we gotta eat so, of course, there’s always cooking to do (or meal organizing of some sort. My favourite is the ordering pizza kind!)
But my kids will only be this age once. Right now is the age where they want Mommy and Daddy to run around and play with them. Before I know it they will be older and instead of wanting to play with their parents, they will be off with their friends. Maybe they’ll occasionally hang out with us? I guess I will have to wait and see, but for now, I want to relish in this time because I am already learning that it is passing by quickly.
So off to the park we went! After a brief meltdown from my son, who wanted to go to a different playground, the four of us were having a good time and the best part was we had the place to ourselves! My husband and son kicked a soccer ball around for a bit while my daughter and I took the slides! At one point while the kids were enjoying a push on the swings by my husband, I decided to get on the swing next to them. It felt good to feel the sun shining on my face and feel the breeze blowing through my hair! All in all, I’m glad we dropped everything and had fun together as a family, even if it was for just an hour.
We’re home now; the kids are watching TV, a bathroom is being cleaned and laundry is being done. This might be all that gets done for today but that’s okay. When you are a parent sometimes you have to be responsible, but sometimes you just have to play!

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