Sorry Kids, Mama’s Got Zero Fucks to Give Right Now

sorry kids


“Sorry kids, but mama needs a break.” The words I uttered before retreating to my basement and turning on my laptop to write this.

I’m at the end of my rope today. As I write this my children are sitting in their rooms, where they’ve been for the past hour. I also took screen time away from them today.

I once wrote a blog post asking if today’s parents are raising spoiled children, and I’m beginning to believe that this is most certainly true. At least it is for my kids, though I’m trying to teach them otherwise, and not trying to spoil them.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a failure as a mom when it comes to my kids showing respect, gratitude and general behaviour that is not selfish. Where have I gone wrong? I’m always reminding them about using their manners. I’ve had countless conversations with them about being grateful for what they have and for what their dad and I do for them. I’ve also spoken to them numerous times about being kind and sharing. Yet, day after day I am witnessing behaviour from them that just baffles me.

We all see on social media the wonderful, magical side of having children. You know, the moms who paint this rosy perfect picture of motherhood. Hey, I’m guilty of it myself. But there are some not so pretty sides of parenting and today that’s what I feel like sharing.

I’ll give examples of just the past few days alone of things my kids have done: run around someone’s house the minute we were invited in and play on their piano without asking, whining about getting treats and what else there is to do after spending a fun day at the museum, inviting themselves over to my neighbour’s backyard and then asking to go to another neighbour’s house just a few minutes later, to name but a few. To put it bluntly, in the past few days I’ve watched my children behave like spoiled, disrespectful little shits. It’s embarrassing for me to share this for the world to read, but there it is; me painting my less than pretty picture of motherhood.

I can’t take it anymore! I’m so tired of feeling like I’m on repeat and never being listened to. As I typed that sentence I’m hearing my daughter whine for the umpteenth time today. I’m done. Sorry kids, but mama’s got zero fucks to give right now.

I’m still their mom, though, so despite their bad behaviour recently, I still love them and will take care of them. More importantly, I will continue to be on repeat, reminding them about their manners, teaching them to be grateful, kind and respectful. Tomorrow’s another chance for me to somehow get through to them, and maybe, just maybe, I will.

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