Team T&J Shows Kids How Fun It Is to Stick 2 Gether

Togetherness. Engaging. Active. Memorable. This is what being a team means to Canadian singing duo Team T&J (Tonya and Jory). Add to that captivating, interactive and imaginative and you have all the words I would use to describe the performance and musical stylings of Tonya and Jory. My family and I had the pleasure of watching them perform live on a recent summer evening at our local town square.
When I heard that they were going to be a part of the Ajax community summer feature, Kids in the Square, I reached out to Team T&J to ask if they wouldn’t mind if I could write about their music and performance for my blog and perhaps get a picture with them. They graciously said yes and kindly provided a copy of their CD for my kids and I to enjoy before the show. It was great to have the chance to listen to the album before seeing them perform and get to know their music better.
Their album, appropriately named Stick 2 Gether, is filled with creative, catchy tunes like Bob Yourself Around, Popcorn and my personal favourite, Long-Legged Spider. There are also songs that really encourage participation, such as Up, Up and Away and Warm Up. Not only does this album have foot-tapping, sing-along tunes, but it also comes with stickers for kids to create their own album cover!

On the evening of the show, we arrived at the town square early to get a chance to meet Team T&J before the performance began. Without any hesitation they took the time to meet and chat with my kids (who were a bit shy at first) and pose for pictures with us. It wasn’t long before the square was filled with families and children of various ages and the music began. It was easy to see why children (and adults!) are drawn to Team T&J — they are fun, upbeat and energetic! They had no difficulty getting the kids up on their feet, dancing, jumping around and singing along (heck, I joined in too, as did other parents!) Combine all of that with Tonya’s beautiful voice and Jory’s witty charm, it certainly was a memorable show! Team T&J’s performance very much promotes togetherness, having fun and being true to yourself, a wonderful message to send to kids of all ages.

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