Product Review: The PL-UG Fort Kit from PlaSmart Toys


We built this using all pieces of the fort kit in my son’s bedroom.

One fond memory I have of my childhood is building a fort using couch cushions and blankets. It was so much fun to play in there with my toys or pretend it was my castle. It was a simple way to be entertained and let my imagination run free! And now here I am many years later, building forts for my kids and enjoying watching them have so much fun!
A couple of months ago my son and daughter became more interested in building and playing in forts. I tried to get creative and make do with household items to create these structures for them. Sometimes it worked out great, but other times the kids would easily knock it over and I would have to fix the fort them. Then I came across an opportunity to try out the PL-UG fort kit from PlaSmart, and I must say I was very excited to do so! Build a fort for my kids and not have to repeatedly fix it for them? Sign me up!

Fort Kit

This kit came with two hooks, two suction cups, two clamps, four grips for attaching your bed sheet/blanket and a keep out sign. There are some simple instructions showing you a few options for using the parts to make a fort. The kit is really easy to use and you can have a great fort set up in just minutes!
We have set up the fort using all of the pieces, both in my son’s room and in our family rec room. My son and I have enjoyed sitting in the fort playing board games and reading books, and both my kids got cozy on a rainy day playing a game on their tablet, and then later that day setting up some toys in the fort and playing away! They asked to dim the lights so they could use flashlights in the fort. It was also a hit with a recent play date we hosted! And my son’s favourite part? Putting up the keep out sign!
All in all, I think this is a fantastic product! It’s great to see my kids having fun and getting creative while playing with the fort, and I must admit I’ve enjoyed reliving a part of my youth!
(Above picture: My son and daughter had some fun with their stuffed toys in the fort before enjoying a game on the tablet together!)
*Note: This product was provided by PlaSmart Toys. All opinions are my own, based on personal experience with my family.
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This was built in our family rec room using the clamps on the bookshelf and the hooks on the kid’s chairs.

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