Toy Review: Flip Zee Girls Doll

My kids really like cuddly toys and have many different stuffed animals and dolls. My daughter especially enjoys playing and taking care of her plush toys, often including them in her make-believe world. One of her favourite things to do in her imaginative play is pretend to be a mama and tend to her baby. So when we received the Flip Zee Girls doll it was no surprise to me that my daughter instantly loved it!
What’s a Flip Zee Girls doll? Well, it’s two dolls in one! Your child can keep the doll snuggled as a little baby swaddled in a blanket and wearing a cozy bonnet, or flip the blanket and bonnet open to reveal a little girl in a pretty dress and fun hair!

Both of my kids really enjoyed playing with this soft, plush doll. They each played with it as a baby, cradling it in their arms and putting it in a toy stroller, and they also flipped it open to have a new friend to join in their make-believe fun!
There are six different dolls to choose from in the collection, with two of them having animal ears when they are in baby mode — one with cat ears, another with bear ears. As a mom with a boy who occasionally likes to play with dolls with his sister, I would love to see this collection expand to include some Flip Zee boys!
All in all, I thought this was a good product and love that it is two dolls in one — two cute little friends in one great toy!
*Note: This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own, based on personal experience with my family.
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  1. Julienne Greville
    February 15, 2019 / 3:46 pm


    I wanted to order baby toy’s from your webshop.
    but I can not find the product anymore on your site,
    it looks like this on this site
    I hope you will sell the toy again soon,
    mail me if you are going to sell it again, I’ll wait


    • February 21, 2019 / 1:05 pm

      Sorry, I do not sell products on my website. I only write product reviews.

  2. Shellie Butlin
    April 18, 2019 / 9:01 am


    I regularly order from your shop, and I love your store.
    But I have a question, I see a lot of Items on this site that you also sell.
    but there products are 40% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your shop and theirs,
    is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.

    Yours truly