What Motherhood Means To Me

What’s does motherhood mean to you?

For me it is…

Feeling my babies grow inside me, giving birth and being in complete awe of what a woman’s body can handle.

Watching my babies fall asleep in my arms and feeling completely peaceful.

Hearing the sound of my babies laughing for the first time and knowing the sound of pure joy.

Seeing my baby take her first steps and being utterly excited.

Taking my kids to daycare for the first time and feeling the heartache of missing them so much.

Having my patience tested and feeling guilty for losing my temper.

Watching my son go to school for the first time and realizing that time really is going by too quickly.

Hearing my kids saying “I love you Mama” and thinking my heart might burst from happiness.

Seeing my child in pain and feeling helpless when there is nothing I can do to take it away.

Watching my kids learn and grow and feel great pride.

Admiring my son who is always so eager to help and give to others and being grateful for his generosity.

Admiring my daughter for her genuine affection toward family and friends (and her favourite bear!) and being thankful for the loving person she is becoming.

Being on the receiving end of my kids’ warm hugs and sweet kisses and knowing what pure, unconditional love feels like.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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