When Mommy Is Sick

One thing I have noticed since becoming a mother is that when I am sick it affects the entire household. I once thought the phrase “a mother is the glue that holds a family together” to be untrue because I believe every family member takes part in keeping the unit strong. But when a mother is not feeling well it seems the entire family wears themselves thin.

Right after Christmas, both my kids got a nasty cough. We had family visiting from out of town, which meant both my kids slept in our room with me and hubby, so it was not surprising that I caught a terrible cold a few days after my little ones did. As a parent, it’s difficult to take care of yourself when you are sick and have children who are also not well. Caring for the kids comes first, so inevitably mama gets run down. The result was me living in pajamas or yoga pants doing absolutely nothing for two days. It was honestly all I had the energy for, and since I was going to be returning to work after the New Year long weekend, it was necessary.

But of course, two days of doing absolutely nothing had a domino effect. Cleaning up after the holidays got put on hold, laundry piled up and meals were planned on a whim (although I must admit that my meal planning is not meticulous, to begin with). Lack of sleep combined with a crazy week back to work left this mama cranky and with patience that was on thin ice. And I definitely noticed my less than happy mood affected the kids.

After nearly two weeks I am finally starting to feel better and slowly things are getting back to normal here. This weekend was spent trying to play catch up around the house, with Christmas decorations taken down and put away, laundry, groceries and a bit of cleaning done plus a few meal ideas planned for the week. And that was after I started my weekend with a nice Friday night off at the movies with a friend! Here’s hoping this mama stays healthy for the next little while.

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