Why Are Dads Being Referred to as Babysitters?

Fathers are not babysitters, so please, just stop with the blog posts and memes on social media of dads being completely clueless about raising their own children and only useful for their sperm.

While some might argue that this may be true of their partners or fathers in their lives, I think it’s time to make a change and give credit where credit is due. Dads are not babysitters, they are parents, and it seems insulting to dads everywhere to dial down the important role fathers play in their child’s life to that of a person who cares for your kid for a few hours while you get a bit of a break.


Sure, poking fun at the stereotypical “clueless dad” is probably just as entertaining as what we see online about “hot mess moms,” but from my standpoint, there seems to be much more out there that celebrates motherhood and not as much in the same regard to celebrating fatherhood. Why is that?

More and more, we need to see stories of fathers showing their deep love and commitment to their children. I’m sure you’ve all seen this viral video by now of the dad who joins his ballerina daughter on stage when he clearly sees she’s suffering stage fright. And who can forget the video of the father with his little girl doing a motivating pep talk in front of the mirror every day? We need to continue to celebrate this side of fatherhood; the men who encourage and support their children no matter what; the men who leave their jobs to be stay-at-home dads; the men who play an equal part in parenting alongside their partner.



I am proud to say that my husband and I are in this parenting journey equally. In fact, my husband has definitely had days where he’s had to take on a larger percentage of parenting duties when my depression has hit me hard and left me feeling unable to cope. Such is the life of a parent, not a babysitter. This is not something I have to ask of him. He does this as a loving father who would do anything for his family. This is the side of fatherhood we should recognize more often.

And so as we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, let’s take time to appreciate all the awesome dads out there, and show that we think much more of them than someone who watches the kids.

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