Why Esme and Roy Make Great Babysitters

Esme and Roy


There’s a new duo coming to Treehouse TV, and parents and kids will be left thinking “how cool would it be to have them as babysitters,” when they’re introduced to Esme and Roy.

Esme is an adorable young girl who, along with her fun, furry monster pal, Roy, is known as the best “monster sitters” in town. A simple melody from their monster case lets this pair know when another little monster girl or boy needs looking after.

I had the pleasure of previewing with my children the first episode, premiering tomorrow (August 18th). My son and daughter instantly enjoyed these two loveable characters, as well as the music featured throughout the episode. My kids found the storylines relatable, and that’s something I was happy about. It was nice for them to watch a show that matched similar scenarios from their own lives.

As a mom, I particularly liked the approach Esme and Roy took when they faced challenges with the little ones they were monster sitting. They cared for these kids with kindness, creativity, and fun in mind, not to mention their swift and effective problem-solving skills.

Suitable for children ages preschool and up, this show has a unique way of demonstrating how kids can control their emotions, in a manner that’s easy for a child to grasp and with ideas parents will certainly take note of.

If only this animated duo were real. This mama would be happy to have them watch her kids.

Esme and Roy

Watch the debut on Treehouse TV tomorrow at 7:10 a.m., 11:45 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET, or check local listings.

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